Enterprise Edition

Access to pertinent information, adapted to the needs and the environment of employees, is a key issue in the context of company information.

The Enterprise Edition of Tropimed provides a customized application that can be adapted to the particular needs of each company.

This version has a user management feature and a special section for enterprise-specific documents. Each company can also:

  • Specify the persons in charge of particular information for your company
  • Distribute special instructions to staff members/ representatives
  • Simply and easily add and organize internal recommendations (maps, vaccinations, special products, etc.)
  • Indicate partners and/or representatives
  • Strengthen the company’s visibility by adding its logo on the home page

For more information, please contact our customer service:

Phone: +41 22 718 96 40
fax: +41 22 718 96 41

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      The evaluation version that you can use and test is the complete version of Tropimed. It thus includes all features of a licensed copy but the evaluation version will expire after 30 days of use.

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